Training for Schools & Communities 

We work closely with schools and communities to provide training that helps teachers, students, leaders, and neighbors strengthen their mental health knowledge and learn how to respond to it.
Here are some examples of our trainings designed for schools and communities:

Trauma-Informed Social and Emotional Growth

This course explains how abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction change our worldview and impact our ability to use reason, logic, and morality and regulate thoughts and emotions. We provide practical tips and resources to help individuals learn to self-correct and teach others to do the same.

Emotional Regulation for Elementary Students

This training helps younger children better understand their emotions and feelings to know when something is wrong. We discuss the development of healthy and effective coping skills and provide examples that students can use at home and school.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness for Students

This one-hour presentation meets DESE’s Suicide Prevention Education for Students guidelines. We discuss the signs related to suicide, assist youth in determining if they or their peers are at risk for suicide, and provide information about community resources for anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Youth Mental Health First Aid

This course is designed for teachers and school staff who regularly interact with youth. It trains adults how to help youth experiencing mental health or addiction challenges or crises. We teach a five-step action plan to support those experiencing anxiety, depression, substance use, disruptive behavior, and eating disorders.

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