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Our Justice and Crisis Response Unit consists of two programs.

Crisis Response Unit (CRU)

BHR’s Justice and Crisis Response Unit (J-CRU) has created a first-of-its-kind street triage co-responder model where a trained J-CRU clinician partners with a St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officer. Our clinician travels on calls related to behavioral health such as mental health, substance use, trauma, quality of life events, self-sufficiency incidents, and more.

The Crisis Response Unit provides a first-, second-, and post-event response system. This model ensures CRU teams are the first to respond whenever possible, are called to the scene quickly when they are not the first to respond, and continue to follow up on cases after their first response.

Crisis Response Unit goals:

  • De-escalate individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis

  • Stabilize and develop a crisis response/safety plan with those is crisis

  • Divert individuals from jail and hospitalization to the appropriate regional system of care and community behavioral partners

  • Support for the community

  • Conduct follow-up and coordination of care

  • Track and report outcomes to our community partners and stakeholders

911 Call Diversion

A 24/7 service for St. Louis City residents. When an individual calls 911 and requests assistance, the 911 Communication Center dispatcher determines whether the individual could benefit from speaking to a mental health clinician. If so, they will transfer them to our crisis line. Our clinician will talk to the individual and support them through their crisis. The 911 Diversion program helps the community obtain crisis phone services if an emergency response is not needed.


  • Provide crisis phone support and de-escalation to divert the individual from unnecessarily going to the hospital
  • Conduct follow up, coordination of care services, and linkage to long-term supportive services

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